Our Services

With more than 30 years of experience in our industry, Prairie Creek Nursery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can design, construct and maintain your pond or waterfall with excellence. Our skilled craftsmanship and years of expertise will allow us to install the beautiful water feature you've always envisioned.

Water Features and Pond Design

We'll start by visiting your Eastern Iowa property to discuss your ideas and to determine the ideal location for your new water feature. You'll receive an estimates to build your pond or waterfall based on our evaluation. Following your approval of our proposed plans, we'll carefully design your new landscaping based on your budget and the site requirements.

Water Feature Construction

Prairie Creek Nursery will start by preparing the construction site, which may include the use of heavy machinery. For a pond, we will dig out the area, add a waterproof liner and construct your water feature using rocks and plants. We can add a patio or pathways to enhance your enjoyment of your new focal point.

For your pondless waterfall, we will construct a solid foundation and create the infrastructure for the electrical source and pump to create a magical flow of water with natural beauty.

Pond And Water Feature Repair

The climate of Cedar Rapids, Iowa includes hot summers and cold winters which can take a toll on your pond without proper maintenance. The heat of the sun can grow algae in the water, and winters can bring freezing temperatures and ice that can damage your pump or waterfall's structure.

We can assist you with maintenance and upkeep such as implementing plants, fish, aeration systems and pumps. We can also provide repairs to the structure and design of your water feature.

Pond Aeration

Pond aeration is the process of increasing or maintaining the oxygen saturation of water in both natural and artificial environments. Aeration techniques are commonly used to address low oxygen levels or algal blooms.